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Today’s rapidly evolving technology developments and changing energy industry market dynamics requires insightful and data driven research to stay at the leading edge of energy resource acquisition and management opportunities.

Technology Assessments

New and rapidly evolving technologies are providing exciting new opportunities for the transition to low carbon energy systems. Smart grid-interactive devices, competitively priced renewable energy sources, and maturing energy storage systems are dramatically expanding the range of options available to resource planners and energy managers. At the same time, significant load growth from electrification is on the horizon. These new developments are not without their challenges as the industry seeks to integrate them into our energy grids while maintaining the high quality, reliable energy systems that modern society depends on. Tierra staff are actively engaged in applied technology research, pilot studies, and demonstrations to investigate how these new technologies can be taken to scale to reduce carbon emissions, maintain reliability, and keep consumer energy costs as low as possible. We are also working to demonstrate how smart grid-interactive technologies can be networked to provide a true integrated demand management resource.

Potential Studies

Understanding the potential for influencing how utility customers use energy has taken on dramatically new dimensions over the last decade. While energy efficiency is still foundational to a sound energy management strategy, influencing the time and locational effects of energy use are increasingly essential as more renewable energy resources are brought online, and traditional fossil fuel applications are transitioned to low carbon resources through electrification. Potential studies must now often be employed to understand the multi-dimensional planning challenge of how to integrate these technologies for the simultaneous benefit of the planet, the grid and energy consumers. Tierra is actively engaged with clients to quantify and value this potential by employing a full spectrum of research methods including traditional data collection strategies, innovative data analytics tools, and remote data collection approaches.

Customer/Market Research

Our firm takes pride in working with clients to ensure they are at the leading edge of developments in the clean energy marketplace, and evolving customer preferences and attitudes toward energy use and investment in new energy technologies. With the aid of this research, we are helping our utility clients provide a new generation of energy services to their customers that are customized to their unique needs and energy use profiles, while deploying technologies that have higher resource value to the grid. We are also coupling customer research with in-field pilot demonstration projects employing new grid-interactive technologies, energy storage systems, and electrification strategies to understand how these applications can best be integrated into grid operations.

Click here to see how Tierra worked to profile Advanced Energy’s unique role as a trusted, nonbiased technical resource in creating sustained market transformation and clean energy solutions.

Recent Tierra Market Research Projects

The following projects provide a sample of how Tierra’s work is helping to usher in a new low carbon energy industry.

County Metrics Database

County Metrics Database

Challenge: Data about customers and communities is increasingly important as utilities and local governments work to meet their ambitious energy, equity, sustainability or economic development goals.  There are a myriad of data sets available but assembling these...

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Historical Tracing and Influence & Impact Estimation

Historical Tracing and Influence & Impact Estimation

Challenge: To celebrate 40 years of working to ensure energy is clean, affordable, reliable, efficient, and safe for all people, Advanced Energy (AE) retained Tierra Resource Consultants to document its four decades of achievements and quantify its cumulative impacts...

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EV Ready Low-Income Multifamily Community Blueprint

EV Ready Low-Income Multifamily Community Blueprint

Challenge: The California Energy Commission funded a competitive grant (GFO-17-604) that challenged project teams to accelerate the deployment of electrified transportation through the development of regional transportation planning blueprints that identify the...

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Strategic Electrification Roadmap

Strategic Electrification Roadmap

Challenge:In 2019, Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) was a new community choice aggregator (CCA) looking to begin building a portfolio of energy programs to meet their goals of decarbonization, providing the lowest possible billing rates to customers, and...

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Advanced Energy Community

Advanced Energy Community

Challenge: The California Energy Commission funded a competition grant (GFO-15-312) that challenged project teams comprised of building developers, local governments, technology developers, researchers, utilities, and other project partners to develop innovative and...

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The marketplace of energy services is rapidly evolving being driven by the need to find practical and scalable clean energy solutions.

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Tierra’s principal staff members have been at the leading-edge of the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed energy resources industry for the last three decades.

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