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Challenge: The California Energy Commission funded a competitive grant (GFO-17-604) that challenged project teams to accelerate the deployment of electrified transportation through the development of regional transportation planning blueprints that identify the actions and milestones needed to proceed towards implementation of an EV ready community.

Approach: The Tierra team prepared a blueprint for the City of Fresno focusing on the low-income multifamily market consisting of four framework chapters:

  • Market characteristics for low-income multifamily properties and vehicle usage metrics
  • Policies at the state, regional, and local levels critical in guiding deployment of charging infrastructure
  • Economic and financial factors that influence electric vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure needs
  • A community engagement framework that addresses both EV and charging supply and demand side needs
  • A forecast model that provides an initial set of quantitative goals and timelines for electric vehicle adoption

Project Highlights:

  • Developed regional market profiles that define housing, vehicle, and economic characteristics in the low-income multifamily market using public sources.
  • Partnered with a local non-profit to design an innovative community engagement approach to local market transformation.
  • Characterized legislation, policy, and development activities that influence EV and EVSE adoption goals and timelines.

Outcome: This study provided several key findings that inform low-income multifamily sector EV readiness strategies:

  1. A low-income household converting to EVs and charging off peak has significant savings potential equivalent to a 9.6% increase in hourly minimum wage.
  2. Defined challenges to installing EV charging infrastructures at larger multifamily properties. These sites comprise a majority of rental units, but a small number of properties clustered in areas that are zoned for commercial use. 
  3. Outlined how Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) market transformation approaches can be used in disadvantaged and underserved communities to develop demand for EVs and help address supply problems related to charging infrastructure.

Download the EV Ready Low-Income Multifamily Community Blueprint pdf qualification here.


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