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Challenge: Tierra works with clients to provide highly effective and cost-efficient turnkey solutions for field research involving onsite customer visits.  Our turnkey approach includes project scoping, recruitment and training of local field resources, development of data collection tools and systems, instrumentation, site recruitment, management of field activities, and data QC and delivery. Tierra’s systems and experience consistently result in projects that are completed on time and at budget.

Approach: The Tierra business model combines experienced management with highly developed business systems and processes to develop local capacity to complete field research for distributed energy resource evaluations. By concentrating our efforts within the community, Tierra facilitates reduced administrative and logistical expenditures, and improved community economic prosperity.

Outcome: Most recently, the Tierra team collaborated with Arizona Public Service (APS) to conduct a Residential Load Disaggregation Research Study (RLRS). The project explores energy usage patterns of larger residential

eGauge Meter Data Dashboard

appliances by installing a real-time energy usage meter (eGuage) within the electric panel and installing Wi-Fi capability to transmit usage data to a secure server in 15-second intervals. This study will serve to further assist APS in delivering energy efficiency programs that help residents use energy wisely while helping APS define new load management strategies. Energy usage meters will be installed by Tierra in 150 homes in the span of three months. By partnering with local, qualified, and experienced energy inspectors and electricians, Tierra team members have been able to successfully deploy eGauge meters within participant homes while minimizing costs and ensuring participant satisfaction. Graphic provides an overview of the data captured by the deployed eGauge meters, including point-in-time and historic usage with the ability to view and analyze data at the site level and 15 separate appliances.


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Historical Tracing and Influence & Impact Estimation

Historical Tracing and Influence & Impact Estimation

Challenge: To celebrate 40 years of working to ensure energy is clean, affordable, reliable, efficient, and safe for all people, Advanced Energy (AE) retained Tierra Resource Consultants to document its four decades of achievements and quantify its cumulative impacts...

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