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Challenge: As a follow-up to Tierra’s work with a Canadian utility in 2019 to develop a comprehensive integrated distributed energy resource (DERs) strategy and implementation roadmap, Tierra re-engaged with the same utility in 2021 when they asked for assistance speeding up their slow rolling DER efforts.

Approach: To kick start the effort, the Tierra team prepared and facilitated two virtual workshops with senior executives and directors to explore the utility’s strategy and tactics for DERs. The goals for the workshops included:

  • Refreshing utility leaders across the organization on current DER strategic roadmaps, plans and progress on implementation efforts to date.
  • Reviewing DER adoption trends in Canadian province and examples of DER implementation efforts in other utility territories to ensure the utility leaders     understand industry trends and identify DER opportunities, risks, and use cases.
  • Defining the utility’s strategic position toward DERs within its service territory and ensuring alignment across the entire organization.

Project Highlights:

    • Revisited and revised DER roadmaps Tierra had previously developed for this client
    • Developed DER strategy positions based on market trends and internal utility needs
    • Facilitated interdepartmental workshop with key utility leaders to reach consensus on strategies
    • Facilitated discussion with utility CEO and senior executives

Outcome: As a result of these workshops, the utility leadership team and their staff came to consensus on the most appropriate DER strategic positions regarding EV’s and

electrification, load management, batteries, and distributed generation. The workshops, and the previously created strategic roadmap clarified 1) the path for designing and launching pilots and other efforts to shape customer DER implementation and integration, and 2) the foundational organizational changes needed to ensure success.

A PDF version of this project description is available for download here.


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