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Tierra recently completed the development of a strategic electrification plan for Monterey Bay Community Power (MBCP), a California Community Choice Aggregator.  The project was completed in three phases: 1) a comprehensive market demographic and technology characterization of the built environment and transportation sectors in MBCP’s service area, 2) a forecast of energy impacts and greenhouse gas (GHG) changes in a business as usual and electrification program scenarios, and 3) preparation of a 5-year electrification program roadmap for deploying a suite of programs designed to achieve the company’s goals as described in the following figure.

While the program roadmap is focused on electrification of the built environment and transportation sector, the plan recognizes that “beneficial electrification” does not happen in the absence of other types of program initiatives and load shape impact goals. In order to reach

MBCP’s concurrent goals of GHG reduction (decarbonization), providing the lowest possible billing rates to customers, and supporting grid reliability/resiliency and

Electrification Program Goals

community emergency preparedness, the portfolio will need to include a balanced strategic blend of energy efficiency, demand response, renewable generation + storage, and electrification programs.  The program roadmap is designed to arrive at this balanced, integrated portfolio at maturity over the five-year planning timeframe.

The identification of program design concepts that could be applied to meet MBCP’s goals began with a review of customer-facing programs currently being developed or deployed by other CCAs in the state.  The project team also conducted a review of California statewide energy programs that could be adopted for the benefit of MBCP’s programs and customers, and how they could be integrated in MBCP’s portfolio over the planning timeframe. Another important element of the program roadmap process involved the assessment of how other programs being delivered by other agencies in the MBCP services region could be leveraged or partnered with particularly in the area of transportation electrification programs.

MBCP plans to roll out its electrification programs over the five-year planning timeframe in a staged fashion focusing first on an initial set of high priority offerings. Following the development, launch and initial implementation phase of the programs described above, MBCP will progressively launch the full suite of programs described in the roadmap to round out the program portfolio.  The following figure provides a summary listing of programs included in the electrification program roadmap and an expected roll-out schedule.

Estimates of energy impacts and greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions under a business-as-usual and program influence scenarios, program administration costs, and the cost-effectiveness of the portfolio were prepared as a part of this study.  Forecasts of energy impacts and GHG reductions were prepared through 2030.


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