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With funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC), in June of 2019 Tierra Resource Consultants completed an EV Ready Low-Income Multifamily Community Blueprint.  The project will help decision makers accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles and the buildout of EVSE within low-income multifamily communities and consists of four blueprint framework chapters including:

  • A market characterization framework that defines the low-income multifamily sector including housing and vehicle characteristics.
  • A policy framework that characterizes state, regional, as well as local policies and plans that are critical in guiding deployment of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.
  • An economic framework that defines key economic and financial factors that influence electric vehicle and charging infrastructure adoption as well as the impact on household incomes and communities from converting gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles.
  • A community engagement framework that defines innovative community engagement approaches to driving adoption of electric vehicles in the low-income multifamily market community.

A prototype forecast model was also produced that provides an initial set of quantitative goals and timelines for electric vehicle adoption with locational modelling attributes that can be replicated for most California jurisdictions.

Residential Dwelling Types by FPL Income Cohort


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