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Energy Management

Changing the way utilities engage in DSM/DER portfolio planning

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In today’s rapidly evolving energy landscape, it’s important to have a better understanding of how your DSM/DER programs and offerings align with your changing resource needs

Program Design

The Tierra team brings decades of proven experience to the task of utility DSM, DER and electrification program design and development. We have designed multiple award-winning customer energy programs, and have assisted clients in the transition from programs focused on energy efficiency benefits to an emphasis on time, locational, cost of service and carbon reduction benefits. Our approach to creating a new program portfolio or enhancing existing program offerings is based on an understanding of our client’s demand management, energy and carbon objectives. In order to gain the greatest benefit from investment in demand-side resources, our approach to program design involves a systematic process of assessing customer segments and needs, determining the right mix of programs and measures to meet portfolio goals, identifying optimal market approaches, and determining optimal spending levels and cost effectiveness.

    Strategic Planning

    Our DSM, DER and electrification strategic advising services help our clients to optimize a program portfolio by examining each program and the portfolio as a whole within the context of the client’s resource needs, strategic objectives, and customer expectations. Clients can then prioritize current programs and consider them in the context of new and emerging technology options including load shifting, demand response, and strategic load growth. Our approach to demand-side and distributed energy resource planning typically begins with assessing the role of demand-side and distributed energy resources in the client’s integrated resource plan. From this foundation understanding, we typically consider a wide range of planning options including opportunities for improving the resource value of energy efficiency investments, promoting strategic electrification, and identifying effective pathways for the deployment of rapidly evolving grid interactive and energy storage technologies. We are adept and assisting with the development of strategic initiatives in the context of regulatory requirements and business directives.

      Program Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V)

      Tierra believes good evaluation goes beyond simply documenting program results after the fact. Years of experience have shown us that it is important to focus on delivering the highest possible value to the customer and client by utilizing EM&V as a feedback mechanism for optimizing demand-side and distributed energy resource program performance. As a result, our approach emphasizes integrating evaluation directly into the program delivery process, offering real-time feedback to program managers and providing timely information to maximize savings. Integrated or embedded evaluation methods promote continuous process improvement and value enhancement.

        Recent Tierra Energy Management Projects

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        Our experience has taught us that every solution needs to be customized for a client’s specific climate change goals, building stock, political & regulatory environment, and utility grid needs & objectives.

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        Tierra’s principal staff members have been at the leading-edge of the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed energy resources industry for the last three decades.

        Over their extensive careers, our senior staff have served clients across the country including investor-owned and publicly-owned electric and gas utilities, municipal governments, government agencies, research institutions, and private sector firms. We conduct projects in virtually all customer sectors and end-use applications. 

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