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Tierra staff are engaged on a major initiative for Duke Energy to prepare a targeted DSM plan to address winter peak load. The five core objectives of the project include

  • Define peak winter needs that can be used to develop a targeted technical/program solution set.
  • Develop a focused solution set of customer programs that drive targeted DER load shape savings impacts to solve winter peak challenges.
  • Model the short and longer term potential of customer DER programs to reduce Duke’s winter electricity demand peak.
  • Develop material that can be used to communicate the plan across a broad set of stakeholders.
  • Work with Duke to define a set of rapid start programs that leverage current Duke programs and delivery channels.

Initial steps in the process include review of recent and past regulatory filings including integrated resource plans, as well as internal Duke plans and feedback from stakeholders and interveners. Defining residential market characteristics and

 Winter Peak Analysis

summarizing winter peak coincident loads and residential load, assessing existing programs, technologies and delivery channels to target key end use is for winter peak loads. Defining the solution set involves identifying load shifting opportunities with flexible loads that can be shifted from winter peak; finding peak clipping opportunities, developing load reduction opportunities involving energy efficiency, and defining advanced rate designs to incentivize and drive customer behaviors. Modeling efforts begin with the load curve analysis, followed by an analysis of DR potential, and an assessment of the most likely technical potential, economic potential and achievable potential for multiple DR scenarios. From this analysis the team will develop recommendations based on existing and potential Duke energy programs and propose program design concepts centered around winter peak opportunities. Stakeholder engagement involves working with internal and external stakeholders to incorporate input and feedback.


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