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The Tierra team has partnered with Guidehouse Consulting on a project for Arizona Public Service to assess the technical and market potential for distributed flexible DER capacity in order to help APS prepare a strategy on the most appropriate DSM/DER portfolio and rate design so that APS can meet its goal of providing 100% carbon free energy by 2050. This effort, to be conducted during 2020, will be used to help APS streamline DSM implementation planning, including optimizing program design, setting budgets at the portfolio and program level, and understanding how to best address compliance goals, while maximizing company, customer, and societal values. The initiative began with a comprehensive scan of emerging technologies, which were prioritized with input from APS. The study is currently in the research phase and is considering emerging opportunities for new technologies, customer programs, and rates aligned around the following components:


Demand Response
  • Behavior Based Demand Response
  • Small-Medium Business Direct Install
  • Advanced Lighting Controls
  • Hotel Automated Load Management
  • Irrigation Pumping Opportunities
  • Data Center Opportunities
  • Reverse Demand Response
Load Shifting
  • Commercial Scale Batteries
  • Commercial Refrigeration Controls
  • Thermal Storage for Refrigeration Applications
  • Commercial HVAC Thermal Storage
  • Electric Thermal Heat Storage
  • Smart Appliances
Strategic Beneficial Electrification
  • Induction Cooktops
  • All-Electric Retrofits
  • Indoor Agriculture Opportunities
  • Electric Standby Truck Refrigeration
Electric Vehicle Management
  • Forklifts
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • MHDV Fleet Electrification: Municipal Busses
  • MHDV Fleet Electrification: Sanitation


Tom Hines