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Data Mapping & Visualization

Data mapping and visualization strategies for large, complex, and often disparate data sets offer our clients a platform to explore traditionally quantitative analytic / modeling outputs in a visually intuitive format. Our data visualization interpretations of project-dependent Key Performance Indicators (KPI), ranging from GHG Emissions Reductions to Grid Reliability and Resiliency, are grounded in the principles of Information Design and calibrated to suit the needs of our unique projects / objectives. Moreover, we offer our clients a discussion of where data visualization may yield the most value dependent upon their unique needs, ranging from data cleaning, exploring data structures, detecting outliers and unusual groups, identifying trends and clusters, spotting local patterns, evaluating modeling outputs, and presenting results / recommendations. We offer innovative design and visualizations across numerous software platforms, including R, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, etc.

Data Engineering & Optimization

As the energy industry continues to evolve with new technologies capable of offering innovative solutions to traditional resource adequacy problems, so has the accompanying breadth, depth, and granularity of primary/secondary data sources. There have been vast improvements (and regulatory-driven mandates) in data storage capacities, capabilities, accessibility, and security protocols within existing utility data systems. We recognize the unique value that may be derived from these enhanced datasets, as well as their ability to inform research and performance priorities for our clients. Our team leverages the academic foundations and professional insights procured through countless projects that continue to hone our application of data science and engineering principles. Similarly, our experience has broadened our team’s access to, and combination of, new data sets, and informed our development of visually intuitive / actionable findings to successfully meet the resource allocation and optimization needs of our customers.

Grid to Customer Insights

Our team continues to identify opportunities to cross-leverage primary research / datasets developed through our project engagements that are geographically, economically, equitably, etc. representative (while adhering to the evolving landscape of data security considerations). The efficient and effective combination of both primary and secondary datasets that have traditionally remained siloed offers our clients with unique perspectives that yield new insights into broader project priorities. A recent example includes the successful merge of consumer behavioral research surveys to locational inventories of grid assets and conservation / DER technologies. The combined dataset was used to develop a predictive model that identified vulnerabilities in service, as well as substations service areas representing surplus capacity.

Recent Tierra Data Analytics Projects

The ongoing evolution of grid-supporting technologies has been accompanied by enhancements to both the type and quality of supporting data streams. Tierra has been at the forefront of working with clients to successfully gather & merge actionable insights that align with broader organizational objectives.

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Tierra’s principal staff members have been at the leading-edge of the energy efficiency, renewable energy, and distributed energy resources industry for the last three decades.

Over their extensive careers, our senior staff have served clients across the country including investor-owned and publicly-owned electric and gas utilities, municipal governments, government agencies, research institutions, and private sector firms. We conduct projects in virtually all customer sectors and end-use applications. 

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